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I'm back na na na na

Oh wow look I have time to go on the internet for 5 secs YAY
So I'll make it quick.
My life is hectic as shit and my scary russian psychiatrist thinks I'm bipolar
and has me on lithium now...even though I have never been diagnosed with anything having to do with mania and trust me I get diagnosed on a regular basis cause I'm a nut n a half haha. So now my life is in slow motion...its like a bad juvenile video
besides that work is crazy...so crazy in fact that all of my coworkers have decided to make animal mating call sounds at work and scare all the clients away coming for therapy haha
On Sunday some of my coworkers and I are going to the Bronx Zoo and I am taking muh Linkie pooh wif me cause she's muh spinster sistah

The real reason I am posting is because of Jessica Simpson's these boots are made for walking video...OK OK I know I will be shaking my ass all summer to it no matter how much I bash it BUT what the fuck was she shaking?! HmMMmm??? and ummmmm why right at the end of the video does she have to wash a car....couldnt she have started in the beginning so we would assume it made some sense
kiss my boots bitch
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